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Hot to use & Functionalities

There are two types of tools here on Incodaq Tools: Free tools you can access by going to Home page and Locked tools where you are required to Sign in to be able to use.

Locked tools are intended to be used by a small group of people to help them in their daily business routines. Therefore, that means there is no open registraion available.
But don't despair, if you would like to use locked tools feel free to contact me via email provided on the support page!

List of tools

1. Merge tool
2. Format telephone numbers
3. Format telephone numbers from Excel - Swedish edition (Locked tool)

Tool description

Merge text lines tool
This tool is used for merging several rows into one row joined by symbols or characters of users choice.

Format telephone numbers
The idea behind this tools is to use it to fix telephone numbers to fit into Swedish or Finnish telephone number format. To use it you just need to copy your Swedish or Finnish telephone numbers - each row should hold not more than one telephone number. You also need to select between available country codes (SE or FI) - SE is pre selected.

Formatting telephone numbers from Excel, SE edition
Formatting telephone numbers from Excel, SE edition - does all the things just as the above tool but with the convenience of uploading Excel files from which telephone numbers will be automatically standardized to Swedish telephone standard. The fixed file will be available for download.

Comparing two lists
This tools looks at the differences two inputed lists have and shows as a result instances that are found in both lists and instances that are found only in the first list (missing in the second list).